Saturday, June 14, 2008

Stock Boy

Tonight, I overheard the nice teenage boy who rented me skates at the ice rink tell his co-worker of about the same age, "No, seriously, I want to be a famous stock broker when I grow up."

Poor kid's setting himself up for a life of disappointment. He should set his sights on something a little more realistic. Like becoming President of the United States. Or hitting the Powerball. Or curing cancer. Or brokering world peace. Or simultaneously determining a particle's position and velocity.

But a famous stock broker? I mean, has there ever been such a thing?

I considered giving the young man a healthy dose of reality but thought better of it. A boy should to be free to dream.


Russ Parker said...

Wikipedia has a list of famous stock brokers in in "Stock broker" entry, but I didn't recognize most of the names, and most of the ones I did were famous people who started out as sb's but decided not to stay on that less-traveled road to notoriety.

Mark said...

Kids say the dumbest things...

sstc said...

I would consider some stock brokers to be famous.

You obviously have just never been invited to their million dollar parties...

Jon Graeser said...

Warren Buffett, aka the Oracle of Omaha, is not only a famous stock broker and one of the richest men in America, but I would consider him one of the most famous men in American. When you get to his level you don't just buy stocks, you buy entire companies. He is a great man who lives in the same small home in Omaha Nebraska that he has had most of his entire adult life.

Other notable brokers would be:
Bill Gross from PIMCO/Allianz
Jim Rothenberg from American Funds Growth Fund of America.

Obviously you need to do a little more research into the great minds of upper finance before you do your bashing. I would like for you to print a retraction.


Russ Parker said...

If he ain't famous, his money sure is:

yajeev said...

mark...this one kid i know hates p'zones. what a dweeb.

russ, joe, and jon... perhaps i have overstepped my sphere of expertise. i certainly didn't mean to rattle the natives. as far as i can see, despite his placement on wikipedia's list, buffet seems to be a famous investor in stocks, but a broker? i'm just not sure--perhaps i need to be taught a lesson in stock brokerage. most of the names i recognize on the list are people who happen to have brokered stocks but are famous for some other reason (with the possible exception of martha stewart--though she might be more accurately listed under INfamous stock brokers (as the Three Amigo's would explain--"she's not just famous, she's IN famous" (I believe it was Lucky Day who made that distinction (though it may have been Ned Nederlander (i'm pretty sure it wasn't Dusty Bottoms))))).

joe is right--i haven't been invited to any million dollar stock broker parties. perhaps i'd change my tune (although i'm not sure that bashing is what i've done in this post--it's been more of a minimization).