Saturday, July 14, 2007

Bridging the divide

Tonight I think I made progress in bridging the racial and age gaps in our country.

I was playing online Connect 4 (actually, it's called Quad Row), and it turns out that you can chat with your competitor. So, I thought I'd chat up my opponent in an attempt to gain a competitive edge.

I only got about two lines into about how I was eating wheat thins and easy cheese when LilCMoney asked me, "what u like a white boy or something". At first, I was really taken aback, especially when he added, "cuz u funny like a white boy". I had errantly assumed that Quad Row was color blind (except for the red and black checker pieces of course).

But then we struck up a truly lovely conversation about how old I am ("dang you old"). I'm 26; he's 15. We chatted and chatted about high school and the White Sox... He was charming.

He beat me 5 games to 1.

As I was preparing to mount a comeback, LilCMoney told me "this is goin 2 be my last game it's past my bedtime." I was crushed. I mean, we connected and were making significant reconciliatory progress.

Then I played against a 12 year old girl, and beat her 3 games in a row. That was satisfying.

G'night, LilCMoney, wherever you are.

Originally Posted: Tuesday, July 28, 2006
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