Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mooving on

Dear cows of Chick Fil A,

By now, you have no doubt noticed that I have become an official Facebook fan of the quarter pounder with cheese from your beefy competitor, McDonald's. I want to assure you that, truth be told, I'd prefer a Chick Fil A #1 value meal any day of the week (except Sunday) over the competition's burgers. It's just that you are nowhere to be found in all of New England. There are rumors that you are in one location near Boston and that you have a presence at a single amusement park in the Northeast, but there is no Chick Fil A haven within a realistic driving radius of Hartford.

It doesn't have to end this way, but you will need to make an extra effort. I will be more than glad to meet you half-way. Heaven knows I've spent many sleepless nights on behalf of our relationship. Were you to open a store within 40 miles of Hartford, I would happily make the trek (not every day--perhaps twice or thrice per week). The wife and I already make such a commute for each of our current jobs. We'd certainly drive as far for waffle fries and the best milkshakes in the biz.

Happy belated Valentine's Day, Chick Fil A. My heart will always be yours, but, for now, my stomach belongs to McDonald's. The nugget is in your court.



Russ Parker said...

LDRs are the toughest. Maybe Chick's just not that into you.

Mark said...

I went to chik-fil-a for the first time in years in raleigh a few weeks back. It was like my own little piece of winged heaven.

Sara said...

Oh sad face!

You are more than welcome to visit the birthplace of Chick Fil A anytime... :-)

...and I must admit, we've been eating breakfast there more often and thinking of you guys being deprived the same joy...and I feel a little guilty!

(PS - On a brighter note: Have you tried ChickFilA sauce? Its oh so delectable...)

watchwhathappens said...

If you won't come to Boston to visit ME, would you come to go to Chick Fil A and then visit me as a side thing? I mean, not that I want to play second fiddle to a chicken shack, but...