Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Chinese may not be my love language...

Refilling my coffee cup in the break room the other day, I encountered two lovebirds mid-conversation at the lunch table. The individuals here described were Chinese scientists who work on my floor. The young lady spoke too fast for me to comprehend (not to mention in Chinese), but I understood everything that came out the fellow’s mouth. I loitered by the coffee pot to catch a snippet of their exchange, which I relay to you here. (Apologies for my incomplete command of the Chinese tongue.)

Girl: …在世界的悠久的历史, 仅几个世代被授予了保卫的自由的角色在它的小时最大危险。

Boy (looking down at his lunch): Uh huh.

Girl: 我不小腿从这个责任-我欢迎它。 我不相信其中任一我们会交换地方与其他人或其他世代。

Boy (turning the page of a magazine in front of him): Mmmmm.

Girl (with feeling): 能量,信念, 我们给这努力带来的热爱将点燃服务它的我们的国家和所有 -- 并且焕发从那火可能真实地点燃世界。

Boy (sipping water): Ah.

Girl: 然后美国公民们: 问没有什么您的国家可能为您做-问什么您能为您的国家做。

Boy (looking down at the magazine, nodding): Mm hmm.

Girl (hands waving): 同胞们世界: 问没有什么美国为您将做,但什么我们可以为人自由一起做。

Boy (turning another magazine page): Uh huh.

Girl: 终于,您是否是美国的世界的公民或公民, 要求我们力量同样高标准并且牺牲哪些我们问您。

Boy (lifting a forkful of noodles to his mouth): Uh huh.

Girl: 以好良心仅我们的肯定的奖励,以历史我们的行为的最后的法官, 让我们去带领我们爱的土地,要求他的祝福和他的帮助,但知道这里在地球上帝的工作必须真实地是我们自己。

Boy (wiping a noodle off of his chin): Mm hmmm.

Semi-engaged submissive acquiescence and noodle slurping: the universal (male) language of love.


Russ Parker said...

la. Love in any language.

Lisa said...

The Chinese language may not be your love language but perhaps you may consider Chinese food (refer to Eat'n Fly).