Tuesday, September 25, 2007

What can blue do for you?

My wife thinks I like to get to work early in order to get more accomplished in the course of my day, but in reality, the most significant perk of arriving at work at 6:00 am is getting first crack at the freshly cleaned toilets.

Few workplace sights are more welcomed to me than the cool blue of residual cleaning fluid in the toilet bowl. I don’t have to wipe the seat with toilet paper, and there’s no need to mess around with those tissue-paper seat covers (which always tear or stick to my legs). Thanks to our faithful and always pleasant janitor, Jeff, I know that my rear will contact only the cleanest of porcelain.

B-L-U-E: that’s how I spell relief.


Russ Parker said...


Chad said...

Amen! I search for the blue-watered toilet as well. problem is that now everyone (who reads this blog) will know and start coming to work early too! Lazy people probably never knew about this blue-relief phenomenon. You let the secret out VJ! We are doomed!