Friday, November 2, 2007

If you'd like a second extra hour this time change...

You can purchase an hour from the life of ebay user lazyjoecox.

He has made the following sales pitch:
Ready for an amazing deal!!!! I am putting an hour of my life up for sale. As you know, this weekend time changes and an hour is gained. Instead of using my extra hour for fun and festivities, I am willing to sell it to you. Once I receive payment, I will mail you a certificate which certifies that YOU now own my hour. As you can tell from my picture, my time is very valuable. Don't worry if purchase is made after the time change, because I will not be using my hour. I am saving it for you!!!! Good luck bidding!!! Use wisely.

There is something of a bidding war raging over the rights to lazyjoecox's 60 precious minutes (my highest offer thus far has been significantly surpassed). At the time of this posting, the leading bid is $1.00, having skyrocketed 100-fold from earlier this morning: the opening bid was a paltry penny.

Back-of-the-envelope calculations can place an approximate value on the life of lazyjoecox. As an American male, lazyjoecox can be expected to live to the ripe old age of 77.6 years. Given 24 hours in a day, 365 days in a year, and 77.6 years of life (adding 20 leap year days), that's 680,256 hours. At $1 per hour (the going rate as of 11:35 pm), his life is worth nearly $700,000. If the bid increases to $1.47, lazyjoecox should feel like a million bucks.

Reassuringly, lazyjoecox has an extraordinary 100% positive feedback rating... so you know you'll get that hour expeditiously and in pristine quality.

With six days remaining, there is still time to place a bid (if you're interested, click here).

NOTE: After completing this post, I placed a new bid and am currently the highest bidder at $1.25 (bringing the value of Mr. lazyjoecox's life to $850,320.


Mark said...

I remember hearing as a young child that human life exceeds any fathomable monetary value...The information I'd heard was obviously wrong...That guy and his mustache seem to be worth $1.25 (I don't buy that math that puts him at nearly $900K)...And VJ, for writing that post and bidding on that guy, I'd safely say that you're worth about $1.26.

Russ Parker said...

LJC's hour is up to $2. I think he deserves at least min wage. I wouldn't want the highest bidder to be in violation of federal law.

yajeev said...

i'm not bidding to employ him for an hour. i'm bidding to own him for an hour. last i heard, minimum wage doesn't apply to conditions of slavery.

i think you and i can agree that either of us would pay a lot more than 1.25 to have a mustache like his. Also, thanks for putting a monetary value on my life. Now I know what kind of life insurance policy to take out.

Russ Parker said...

But I thought ebay stood for e(mancipation's)b(ig d)ay.

Avery Gray said...

So, what exactly does the winning bidder get? A slave for an hour, or a certificate stating you own his hour? And, if it's the latter, hasn't he already used it up by...oh, I don't know...breathing? That seems like a waste of money to me. I think it might be a scam!