Thursday, August 23, 2007

Blogworthiness (or, The family that blogs together...)

If you want to hear what it's like to live in a blogging family, check out this insightful commentary by Julie Zickefoose from NPR.

This audio clip pretty much sums it up.

It's about three and a half minutes in length and dead on from the heroin to the comment craving and counter watching.

I thought I'd invented the term "blogworthy". So, probably, did a lot of people.

You may have to copy the link into your browser.


Andy said...

That chick has a neat last name. I wonder if anyone at her wedding gave a toast of "Congratulations on the new awesome last name".

Last names are the only good reason to get married or have kids because it is the only sane excuse for changing/creating a name.

If my friend Dan has a kid, I'm going to recommend he name it

First Name: Kickass
Middle Name: Superhuman
Last Name: Powers

When he's with the kid, he could say "I got/have kickass superhuman powers". Although this could lead to the child being kidnapped a lot because everyone will want to say they have kickass superhuman powers.

I never believe NPR, though. They probably made up that name/whole person's existence. Why it is that anyone who NPR considers newsworthy also has a perfect speaking voice? Where are the intelligent newsmakers who stutter or have a raspy voice for smoking for 20 years?

Russ Parker said...

kudos for the comment, andy.