Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Guess I'll just have to stick around

I was recently making a mortgage payment when I had something of a morbid thought: If I were to pass on, my wife would have to pay the bills and take care of the paperwork that I normally do. In our division of household labor, it has fallen on me to be the keeper and organizer of all things paper: paying bills, managing our homeowners’ insurance, keeping our birth certificates and passports in a safe place, maintaining the order of our filing cabinet, balancing the checkbook, and so on...

Thinking of my wife having to deal with all of our paperwork after my untimely demise made me sad. However, I couldn’t decide which would be sadder: her having to take over these duties and being totally overwhelmed and confused and wishing I was there to sort things out OR her having to take over the bills and realizing that, hey, this is pretty easy, and after all this time I’d complained about our confusing paperwork, it turns out that my chores had been way less demanding than hers had ever been.