Friday, August 3, 2007

Poll Results: Science, alcohol favorites among Land of Yajeev readers

Thanks to all who took part in the survey on this site. This time, you were asked: "What is your favorite aspect of the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae?"

Perhaps the most significant result is that votership was up nearly 70% from the last survey (n=10).

40% of respondents reported their favorite aspect is the service of yeast as a model genetic organism, allowing researchers to unravel the mysteries of eukaryotic biochemistry at the level of the single cell. Scientific discoveries originally made in yeast have contributed to our understanding and, in some cases, the treatment of complex human conditions like diabetes, cancer, aging, and Alzheimer's disease.

An equal lot selected yeast's ability to ferment sugar to alcohol as their favorite.

That these two options were tied for first among those surveyed shouldn't surprise me. I've never seen as much science discussed or alcohol imbibed as when I attended the yeast genetics and biochemistry meeting last summer. Not nearly as much bread was consumed as beer at the convention, and this is consistent with half as many selecting how yeast "makes bread rise" as their favorite aspect of the multi-talented unicellular organism.

Scientists often refer to "TAPOYG": The Awesome Power Of Yeast Genetics. Based on these survey results, I'd like to amend the acronym to: "TAPOYGAFASMBR": The Awesome Power Of Yeast Genetics And Fermentation And Sometimes Making Bread Rise.

In any event, for a good time, BYOY: Bring Your Own Yeast.

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