Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Don't(.) Blog this.

Something strange has transpired between my in-laws and myself. Somewhere over the course of the recent holiday and funeral season, a deep distrust has developed whereby my family-in-law seems to fear (correctly?) that I lie in wait for bloggable moments. Now, whenever anyone says something amusing, remotely funny, embarrassing, shocking, upsetting, or mundane, they immediately turn to me, eyes shifting, and suspiciously utter, "Don't blog that."

At which point, I lie and say that I'm just jotting a grocery list, not a blog idea. Sheesh.

One exception to my in-laws' recalcitrance toward my blogging at their self-perceived expense is my father-in-law's strong desire for me to post a picture of his head with the Wendy's wig superimposed where his hair (if he had any--see related comment by Peppy Lady here) would be. I'm afraid this image, beautiful as it would surely be, will have to wait for me to hone my Photoshop skills.

My in-laws are probably reading this post, wishing they'd said "Don't blog that" after they said "Don't blog that."

They should know that I only blog about those I love (with the possible exception of this).


Russ Parker said...

I've seen your blogs one too many times.

Unbalanced Reaction said... mom says that to me all the time, but she doesn't even read my blog (my old one was not so anonymous)

Justin said...

My brother spent New Years Eve at the house of the CEO of Wendy's, and they actually had a Wendy's wig that was found in a drawer (the CEO's family wasn't actually home--my brother's friend was house-sitting). They all put the wig on and took pictures. I will try to get that pic from my brother for you.

Sara said...

well...sometimes things appear in the blogging world more embarrassing than one would initially expect.

for the most part though, i do love being a small part of the mishaps that enfold here on land of yajeev.


Avery Gray said...

People have no sense of humor when it comes to being made fools of against their wishes. Wet blankets, the lot of them!

yajeev said...

russ... when you've tired of seeing my blogs, it's time for me to hang up my blogging shoes.

unbalanced... blogging is like science. it's hard to make good observations without influencing the outcome in some way. once your subjects know you're observing them, it's nearly impossible for them to act "normally".

justin... that pic would be great. a wig would be even better!

sara... is that like 'items in this mirror may be closer than they actually appear'? i'm glad you like being a part of the land of yajeev (for the most part). my goal is to embarrass no one more than i've embarrassed myself.

avery... why people wouldn't want to sacrifice their reputations, public images, and good-names for the amusement of about twelve or so regular blog readers is beyond me.

Russ Parker said...

Blog again.

yajeev said...

will do.