Monday, April 14, 2008

Land of Yajeev Haiku

For one day (and perhaps one day only), I will hold my prosaicness to a minimum. I found this site via Geeka (at When do you think you'll be done?) that semi-randomly generates haikus based on the content of your webpage or blog.

For your inspiration, I've included a few automated Land of Yajeev-inspired haiku in this post.

go wrong gifting this
bear to the one you may be
a euphemism though

no longer practice
the art of gliding down snow
covered mountainsides

neighbors would have no
idea what i'm talking
about in this case

no joke fair readers
finally you can purchase
the mishaps happen

oven mitt and all
others looking for wit and
wisdom anecdotes

a professor on
whose desk i deposited
my dissertation

appreciate this
one particular patch of
wood paneled wall

hillary clinton
the burgh of putts is honored
you came i'll be sure

such a fiery
outcome the valentine's
day gifts of flowers

in the order that
they might as well not have the
doctoral student

a very gentle
turn rather than fight the good
doctor did not hurt

Feel free to discuss the above arrangements or leave your own poetic contributions in the comments section. Manual or automatic submissions are welcomed.


Russ Parker said...

snap snap snap

Unbalanced Reaction said...

The oven mitt one is my favorite!

Here's some of mine (generated, of course):

more comfortable
voicing their unhappiness
are students less apt

in my program have
generally become less
and less happy is

tenure would be a
complete bust for a 30 or
60 minute break with

yajeev said...

thank you for the clicks
percussive repetition
they have made me glad

i like #2.

Russ Parker said...

Nice nice NICE.