Sunday, April 6, 2008

Birthday Greetings (Courtesy of the Land of Yajeev Megastore)

You know the dilemma. You've been there a hundred times. Walking up and down the aisle at the card store trying to pick out the perfect birthday card. One that is equal parts funny and heartwarming. You've done this so many times that you can't remember which cards you've sent your loved ones and which ones you've just picked up to read only to return to its slot.

I am here to help.

The Land of Yajeev Megastore is introducing the first in a new line of (to-be) acclaimed greeting cards: the official Land of Yajeev Birthday Card. Can't find just the right way to tell your birthday boy or girl Happy Birthday? Let Yajeev do it for you! Check out for yourself the artsy stylings and clever birthday wishings of your humble blogger. Click the images below for a larger view of the front and inside of the Land of Yajeev Birthday Card.

These cards have been in beta testing, and so far the feedback has been phenomenal, so please do not delay. The price is right, and you get a bargain for buying in bulk (you do have a lot of family and friends with birthdays, don't you?) Tell your loved ones happy birthday. From both of us.


On the topic of birthdays, I also want to take this opportunity to wish an early happy 29th b'day to one of this blog's oldest friends. Russ, hope your 30th year's even better than your 29th.

(images of russ accessed from his and his mom's myspace)


Russ Parker said...

quel artsy surprise.

Andrea Page said...

Nice card. I look for people sending cards because I send cards also.....I design a few too.

Have a Happy Sunday!

yajeev said...

hope you don't mind the unexpected birthday post.

thanks for saying so! happy wednesday to you!

Russ Parker said...

hope this acknowledgement appears in the second edition of LOYTEY.

yajeev said...

If a second edition ever goes to print, this correspondence will surely be included.