Sunday, July 20, 2008

Poll Results: The Connecticourt has ruled

Attention fellow Connecticuters, Nutmeggers, and Connecticutensians:

The masses have have spoken, and an overwhelming plurality (40%) have denominated the citizens of Connecticut as Connecticutians, and it seems only fair for us, Nutmeg State residents and lovers of democracy, to follow the will of the people, disregarding the underwhelming majority, whose votes have been split among the gentilic designations Connecticuter (30%), Nutmegger (20%), and Connecticutensian (10%).

I will be the first to officially adopt this demonym; I hope you will follow me as I follow the people.

Thank you for exercising your American right, duty, and privilege by participating in this historic survey. Your voice has been heard!



Mark said...

VJ...Do you need a campaign manager...I happen to know someone who could do your PR pro-bono.

Anonymous said...

...and I was sooo looking forward to calling you and saying..."How my 2nd favorite nutmegger doing?"

(-le sigh-)

I call for a re-vote!!

(& no offense to the 2nd fave thing...we sisters gotta stick together. :-) )

yajeev said...

mark... my motto is free is good! have your people call my people and we'll do lunch.

sara... sorry to disappoint.
sincerely, you're second favorite connecitcutian