Friday, July 18, 2008

Yajeev for President Campaign Materials

My fellow Americans (and other citizens of the world), today marks the two-year anniversary and 200th post of the Land of Yajeev blog.

On July 18, 2006, I first put fingers to keyboard for the first entry of what would become my cybervoice. I wasn't sure that anyone other than Russ, Andy, or my wife would ever read these words, but two years and over 10,000 hits later, I have tens of astute readers, a few of which even link to me from their websites!

On Monday, I posted a video announcing the Yajeev for President write-in campaign (never mind that technically I'm 7 years too young--we'll leave that matter for the courts). The groundswell of support has been 0verwhelming, and since no unofficial write-in campaign would be complete without campaign materials, today I unveil the official unofficial Yajeev for President paraphernalia, exclusively available at the Land of Yajeev Megastore.

At the Land of Yajeev Megastore, you will find all manner of reasonably priced Yajeev for President gear, including organic cotton or fitted t-shirts, tough sleeveless tees, junior spaghetti tank tops (available in four lovely colors), kids t-shirts, coffee mugs, keepsake boxes, framed tiles (just what you've always wanted!), ball caps, messenger bags, and stickers.

If you appreciate the unique voice that the Land of Yajeev brings to the interwebs and think it's time to take this show on the road, then please, show your support by visiting the Land of Yajeev Megastore (and recommending that your family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers do the same)!

Making it great in 2008,


Lisa said...

Congratulations, you prolific and enduring blogger! If you need a campaign volunteer to go door-to-door, Watson said he would go. I would probably go too.

Anonymous said...

Sign me up too! We could be your IN campaign office. We couldn't be prouder! And you could do your last minute campaigning in GA - spreading the Yajeev joy to the south of our country. And how could anyone question your loyalty to pets?! Isn't Watson featured in many blogs here - You even let him speak his mind in a blog once. He could become your press secretary! And Congrats on 200 blogs - that calls for a celebration with hot wings and flaming ping pong balls!

Charles Domercant said...

Congrats on the 200th post...You've got my vote!

Anonymous said...

I've been told that knowledge of yet another faithful reader would not only encourage you to continue wordsmithing for the hungry masses but also quite possibly just make your day. And so. I am happy to admit that since I first landed eyes on the Halloween tale of a young Big Bird and his tragic trick-or-treating experience, I've been hooked. Thanks for the entertainment two years of keen commentary has provided :)

yajeev said...

lisa (and watson)... thanks! maybe we should get watson a "will beg for votes" t-shirt!
anon 7/19... thanks--this will certainly require a national coalition!
charles, thank you! i wouldn't be in this race if it weren't for you.
anon 7/23... you have in fact made my day! hope your eyes continue to land at the land of yajeev! thanks for the encouraging words