Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Unofficial My Friend's Friend's Brother-in-Law Ben Fan Club

It only took about five minutes into last week's premiere episode of "I Survived a Japanese Gameshow", ABC's latest foray into reality television, for me to know that this was no Banzai (history's finest in Japanese- American entertainment). This show was too much reality and not enough Japanese gameshow.

I had all but written it off when I learned that one of the nine remaining contestants, Ben, is the brother-in-law of a close friend of a close friend. I also discovered that Ben is the official handler of Punxsutawny Phil--that's right the most famous groundhog in all of Pennsylvania who, based on the sighting of his own shadow, prognosticated six extra weeks of winter this year.

Re-energized by the prospect of a brother-in-law of a friend of a friend appearing on (inter?) national reality television donning nothing more than a giant diaper and bib, I re-committed to the show--in fact, I nearly transformed the Land of Yajeev to a My Friend's Friend's Brother-in-Law Ben Fansite, posting weekly BenWatch updates and opening a forum for readers to discuss the latest Ben gossip and submit their cell-phone-camera-snapped candid photos of Ben on the street.

The wife and I tuned in to tonight's second episode, eager for the extravaBENza. We were disappointed to see, in the first few moments of this week's installment, a tearful Ben tell the camera that he felt "sick". A minute later, the show's host was explaining to the other contestants that after Ben had fallen ill, he been taken to a hospital and would be leaving the show.

That was it: in a mere five minutes, my love affair with a reality television show and its woodchuck-handling contestant was over. Unless I hear word that Ben is making his dramatic return to the show, I'm afraid I've seen my last of this summer's guilty pleasure.

Ben, if you're reading this, I want you to know that while your stint/stunt on this show may have been cut short by unforeseen Asian maladies, my admiration and support for you will not cease. Thanks for the (really, really brief) memories.

Readers may demonstrate solidarity in their pro-Benness by indicating in the comments section that they'd like to join the unofficial Ben fan club.


Russ Parker said...

Opt out. Jk.

Mike said...

There is only one way for you to reestablish your love affair with this show. You must appear on it.

Mark said...

To whose fan club would you rather belong: Ben, Betham, Ben Linus, Sydney RuBENstein, or Paris?

Andy said...

That show can't help but do everything wrong.

yajeev said...

russ... i wonder if the notorious d-i-v knows this punxsy guy. he might be willing to be a paying member of this unofficial fan club.

mike... sign me up.

mark... i'll do you one better. i'll rank the fan clubs from most want to join to least ant to join, but I've added one name to the list.
1. Paris
2. Ben Stein
3. Sydney
4. Ben Linus
5. Ben
6. Bentham
It's hard to rank those top three, though. I'd give up a lot of benjamins to join any of their clubs.

andy... i can't help but completely agree.

Russ Parker said...

he might could.