Monday, August 25, 2008

I was just following orders

On nights like tonight , I wonder just how much my PhD can really be worth...

Tonight, on her way home, my wife asked if we could go out to eat. I was the bad guy, citing a heavy workload, but I offered to prepare a frozen pizza if she would walk me through the steps...

Set the oven to 400 degrees.


Remove the pizza from the plastic.


Put the pizza on the shelf 6-8 inches above the oven floor.


Set the timer for 20 minutes.


I know what you're thinking. She neglected to mention one of the most important steps: Remove the pizza from the cardboard tray. As in, DON'T COOK THE CARDBOARD.

She didn't tell me. Tonight we had four cheese corrugation. Delish.

(for my wife's account, click here)


Lisa said...

1. You are not the bad guy.
2. I am not sure this is any different than my account.
3. I am still very happy to be married to a phD who can't seem to bake a pizza.

milakak said...

Item 3 should be worth it after your last blog! You just needed a more complete protocol!

sstc said...

Joe's Cooking Tip #1:
Always inspect your food before cooking it. Meat can have the blood gathering packets on the bottom, pizza can have cardboard.

I am a bit confused, as the cardboard is normally slightly larger than the pizza. Did you not notice the extra ring around the pizza? The non-food-like texture of the bottom of it when you plopped it down?

yajeev said...


good tip.

The cardboard was actually a little smaller than the pizza, and no, I didn't pay particular attention to the texture... just felt cold and sort of damp, kind of what I some of the crusts of frozen pizzas we've eaten in the past have felt like.

neill said...

it's even better if you don't take off the plastic. :)

yajeev said...

neill--thanks for the tip... I'm sure we'll try it that way sometime... probably not on purpose.