Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Day 2, and still blogging

This is probably the last thing I should be doing right now, but I'm just signing in to give all of the loyal LOYers (Land of Yajeev'ers) a brief update on the new job...

My co-workers are quite friendly, but I am still overwhelmed by the newness of my situation and the mass of material I need to both comprehend and produce in a short period of time... but as has been historically the case for me, the degree to which I am caffeinated reflects the degree to which I feel up to the task. Unfortunately, compared to my previous lab, this lab actually enforces the rules: no drinking coffee at the bench. Bleh.

So, like the nicotine fiend who has to sneak out for an hourly cigarette break, I am the caffeinaholic that requires his regular fix to make it through the day. This might be a problem for long-term success.

I'd blog more but I'm supposed to be working.

And I need some coffee.


Russ Parker said...

Ur my fix.

Andy said...

You have strengthened my resolve to not get into coffee drinking.

mom-in-law said...

I have faith you'll overcome! (And the father-in-law says others are just better at faking that smartness!) Or maybe they found a way to sneak caffine!


I'm still too young to drink coffee!

yajeev said...

russ... i hope that i can be your favorite waste of time.

andy... i think i am going to start speaking to kids in schools in a sort of scared-straight fashion about the life of misery that awaits those who give in to the temptations of caffeination.

m-i-l... thanks for the encouraging words.