Sunday, August 3, 2008

UPDATE: Russ Parker: Beyond Salvation?

Despite the persistent efforts of Land of Yajeev readers commenting passionately on this blog and his, Russ Parker has shown no signs of renewed blog activity.

It's not looking good; this from the Google chat archives:

Me: you gonna rethink dismantling Russ Parker's Blog?
Russ Parker: not planning on reconsidering

Thanks to all the readers who have expressed their support for this progressive voice... Unfortunately, I fear his words may be available for an extremely limited time (unless of course, some blogger friend has taken upon him- or herself to dutifully save all of Russ Parker's blogs to his computer such they can reposted at some later date to an unauthorized unofficial Russ Parker's Blog--I'm just saying).

So, head on over to Russ Parker's Blog and soak in all the Russy goodness while you still can.

Let's hope this public figure returns quickly to the limelight. He may just have coulda been The One (for what, I'm not sure).


Mark said...

Tell Russ, That I'll meet him at the Rose Parade...

Andy said...

Loving the Russ pics and info!

Russ Parker said...

Request Mark, To follow me down...

yajeev said...

Russ and Mark, I'm glad i can facilitate y'all's gettin together.

Andy, you and me both. Let's just hope we don't lose this important voice.

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