Sunday, October 21, 2007

The prestigious burrito

I recently visited Yale University. You may have heard of it. It's quite a prestigious school, really, sometimes called "the Grove City College of the Ivy League".

I walked the grounds and was awestruck by the mystique of the campus... the old buildings, the secret societies, the really smart people.... and I was hungry. In front of me, at the edge of campus, outside of what appeared to be a trendy coffee shop was a street burrito vendor. Involuntarily, I shelled out $5.50 for a juicy, drippy, stuffed chicken burrito.

I continued my tour of the elite campus, munching on my burrito as if it were an ice cream cone, chicken juices dripping onto my shoes. It didn't dawn on me until I took my last bite that people had been staring at the wide-eyed open-mouthed guy with the oversized burrito traversing the hallowed Yale walkways. I wiped the last bit of cheese from the corner of my mouth when I realized that Yalies don't walk around chomping on burritos; they sipped lattes.

I was the country mouse visiting the big city for the first time. Yale majors on delicacy and sophistication. I'm a burrito noshing juggernaut.


Russ Parker said...

Oh come now. You know you've got Yale written all over you. INSIDE YALIE VOICE!!

Reminds me of a time when I visited Harvard's campus, just visiting mind you (not hoping to associate myself with such a prestigious institution and certainly not getting offers of employment from them), and a good, good friend of mine said to me as we walked past Harvard Law School, "Looks like I got as close to Harvard Law as you ever did." Oh, the consolation of friendship when we find ourselves out of our league.

Velvet Sacks said...

Somebody besides you must be buying those $5.50 burritos, even if they are washing them down with lattes. Isn't there even some fancy Latin saying about "in beano burritos"? No, never mind, the one I'm thinking of had something to do with wine.

yajeev said...

I'm nothing if not in league with you.

I did yield to the mystique by washing down my burrito with a large pumpkin spice latte.

Chad said...

These Yalies sound almost like doctors (having to act sophisticated and classy while they wish they could chow a burrito and have the mayo/mustard/ketchup amalgam drip all over their fancy ties and shoes). I work with such people and they are severely irritating. I say lattes are for whimps..

yajeev said...

Right on, Chad!