Sunday, February 24, 2008

Yajeev's Kids

We recently received a call from (now formerly) Pregnant Coworker. She claims to have had her baby on Valentine's Day, February 14, 2008. While mother and baby are both well, something smells foul... and I haven't completely ruled out the possibility that Coworker was afraid of me correctly guessing the date of birth and winning baby (nick)naming rights. I'm not convinced the baby wasn't actually delivered on February 3, Super Bowl Sunday, the day that I predicted the little bundle of joy would enter the world.

Coworker's phone call announcing her special delivery was on February 15, the putative day after birth. When asked if she wanted visitors to the hospital, she replied that she was just too tired. It is conceivable that Coworker is tired after having endured labor... but is it not equally (if not more) likely that Coworker was actually calling from home, her new baby girl now 12 days old?

Let's be clear: I'm making no accusations here. But I am a scientist, skeptical by nature. I'm just raising questions.

But look, I can put pettiness behind me: Congratulations, Coworker, husband of coworker, and baby girl of coworker.


In other news, one Land of Yajeev loyalist has just sent me pictures of his newborn niece with her brand new I Heart Yajeev teddy bear. The plush toy will undoubtedly support the normal and healthy development of this lovely little girl and provide countless wonderful childhood memories for her and her family.

Please, visit the Land of Yajeev Megastore today, and buy a little something for that little someone in your life.


Finally, don't forget that the St. Patrick's Day T-Shirt Design Contest ends this Wednesday, February 27, 2008 at 11:59:59 PM. I've already received some creative submissions, and I hope you will submit yours for consideration. Remember what is at stake here: a free t-shirt with your design, fame, and prestige.

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Anonymous said...

If only I had a grandchild to share a Yajeev bear with. [sigh...]

Russ Parker said...

Does that mean I win?

anonymous's daughter said... that you? if you had a grandchild, that would make you a grandmother. is that what you really want?

grandpuppies are very nice and give no indication of your age.:)

soon anonymous soon.

anonymous's daughter said...

reminder: soon is relative