Saturday, July 14, 2007

"Best Party Ever"

[[Note: To have any sense of context whatsoever for this post, please see the following blog entry by another esteemed MySpacer… the Brian Hulick mentioned in both blogs are in fact one and the same:

with apologies to John Mayer]]

The only way I can describe the party of Erwin Rommel is that it tasted like flowers were growing around large masses of steel (what chili)... It was a partygoer's dream come true... It served whatever emotion your (sic) having back to you in a way that felt so uplifting. He's like the male Martha Stewert. Yah, I think that sums it up.

A Bio....

Erwin Rommel is the nom de plume of Brian Hulick. His parties are a not yet legal marriage between family get-together and the more abstract high school/college reunion (they're genderless). His debut party (as far as this partygoer is concerned) was in the summer of 2006 with Russ, Andy and Yajeev, where he served steaks, chips, and a variety of beverages. He is now a full-fledged member of the burgeoning social elite in Seaberry, Pennsylvania; he hosted the "Best Party Ever" on April 14, 2007 with a much wider assortment of guests, tunes, and delicacies.

His website can be viewed here:

IMPORTANT: His parties are by invitation only.

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