Sunday, July 15, 2007

Major Announcement: New Blogsite!!!

July 18 marks my one-year bloggaversary.

No one can deny that it's been twelve fabulous, glorious months of opinions, observations, wit and witticism.

After 73 posts and nearly 3000 hits (2983 and counting), it is finally time to take this show on the road.

That's right, loyal readers and friends, I am moving. This blog will no longer be housed on my MySpace account. Instead, it will be hosted by

The new blog website will be:

There will be some great new features available at not available in the current venue. Chief among them is that non-MySpacers will be able to see posted pictures and comment on blogs. These readers represent an underserved and longsuffering constituency who deserve full access and a voice in this ongoing dialogue.

Additionally, I am now in the process of courting corporate sponsors for the site. This should serve to help defray some of the costs involved with maintaining such a high-profile venture. I have to be honest: the relief from financial burden will be nice. (Lisa suspects that I might further cut costs by outsourcing the task of blogwriting to poor laborers in third world countries.)

To my MySpace following, for the timebeing and forseeable future, I will notify you of new blog postings by announcing them in my MySpace blog section. I will include links to the new site.

Unfortunately, the new site does not house a kudos repository... and this is one thing I will truly miss. Lisa has recommended manual kudoing for those who are so inclined. Feel free to include kudos in your responses. For example, "2 Kudos to you!" or "Mega-kudos!" or "Nice post, but just one kudo today, chap" are all appropriate ways of kudoing.

I hope that you will take this journey with me. This is an exhilerating and terrifying move. I take a risk by upping and moving, but I hope it will pay off and that you will be there with me when it does.

On this thrilling note, I proudly unveil "Land of Yajeev" at:

Here's to another year!

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Anonymous said...

VJ, it's Andy. I am the first vote in the poll. Of course you know I like your new site. Say no to MySpace!

Anonymous said...

VJ, it's Lisa. I am the second vote in the poll. Of course you know I like your new site. Say no to MySpace!

Russ Parker said...

VJ, it's Russ.