Saturday, July 14, 2007


We're in DC this weekend visiting Christine, one of Lisa's friend. She warned us that she lived in one of the more dangerous neighborhoods in the District.

Last night, we were walking home from dinner, and an entire city block was blocked off less than one city block from Christine's house. A friendly fellow peeled out of the neighborhood with his window down, warning us, "Someone got kilt (sic)! Get in your house! Y'all scared?"

No, I wasn't scared. Come on.

Tonight, I took one step off of a city bus across the street from Christine's house when I stepped on a pickle and crashed to the ground. It was like the banana peel in the cartoons. And it hurt.

This city is treacherous. I mean, what kind of person leaves a pickle on the ground?!? Get me out of here.

Originally Posted: Tuesday, August 19, 2006
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Cuidado con los vegetales.

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