Monday, July 30, 2007


Everyone's been asking about the Yajeev Simpson character I developed at

Here I am in my nuclear Springfield glory. The setting is a lot like the one in which I toil.


Anonymous said...

that doesn't look a thing like you.

Andy said...

You inspired me to try the Simpsonizer, but I expected better results, especially because of the initial picture I used. It was the one of me inside the toy machine. I was hoping the background would come into play, but of course you know there is only a few backgrounds to choose from. At least the picture should amaze the folks who run that site. When I noticed how the Simpsonizer worked, I decided to create naked person (a person wearing a barrel) outside a school (I wished it looked more like a college).

But more importantly, I noticed a new part of your blog, this statement:
"I try to find the humorous in the mundane. Please, do not take me or my words (or yourself, for that matter) too seriously... Enjoy."
The problem is I have been taking the communications from this blog seriously. My whole worldview is built around what I read here. For you to backtrack with "not serious" at this point is incredibly irresponsible. Thanks for crushing my complete framework of thought, jerk.

mark said...

Did you ever find out who left the ransom note?

It was so scary.

I Think it may have been Cara Cheeseman.

yajeev said...


First, thank you for your thoughtful comments.

Second, I have thought long and hard about this disclaimer, and you are right. To be honest, I had hoped that only certain of my readers would take my disclaimer seriously (and thus not the rest of my blog). I don't know who you are or where you live, but you (and people like you), of course, are who this is all about. Please bathe yourself with the words on these pages. They are here for your total immersion.

I am sorry for any confusion or tumult my ill-placed disclaimer might have elicited.

Like the Berlin Wall, this thing's coming down.

yajeev said...


Cara Cheeseman? You mean the heralded, though uncredited, assistant to the producer and writer of the 2004 hit sensation Alfie?

What an interesting theory.