Friday, July 27, 2007

Poll Results: Half of Land of Yajeev readers repeat offenders

Thanks to all who participated in the survey on my site. I asked you, “How did you find this blog?”

The response was overwhelming. 6 of you voted in my poll, and a whopping 50% of you reported that you had linked to this site from the old MySpace-based blog.

A “really great friend” informed a third of the respondents about this site. No “not so great friend[s]” spread the word about the Land of Yajeev, which is probably for the best.

Only one surveyed was referred here by direct mail, and 16% Google searched “land of yajeev”. Unfortunately, no one seems to have found this site by reference from other blog sites or from the radio and television advertising campaign. Clearly, the marketing department needs some help; fortunately, my pop is a great marketing strategist.

While I haven’t yet subjected these data to rigorous statistical analysis, with an n=6, the results can only be described as significant, if not scientific.

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Lisa said...

Sara and I were discussing the lack of participation in both the voting and the commenting when we both realized we were the two "referred to the site through a good friend." We propose a new system for commenting. It is sometimes intimidating when reading the witty and insightful comments to put one's intellect on the line with a response, yet with the insider knowledge that I am privy to, I realize the true bliss that follows the acknowledgment of readership and enjoyment of a land of yajeev blog. Thus, we advocate a shorter and perhaps less revealing system of commenting. For example, if the reader reads and laughs aloud, she/he may simply enter in "la" and not feel guilty for not spending more time and thought formulating a response, knowing that even this meager response will be accepted by the creator. Here is a small list that we are putting forward as suggested replies.

la- laugh aloud (thanks to Russ)
la x 4 - 4 people laughed aloud
(Mom and Dad- This is for you because you read them together, so you would type la x 2.)
la + 4 - I laughed 4 times throughout the blog.
(Feel free to modify a combination of the latter two formulas to fit your needs.)

tftg - thanks for the giggle (thanks to Sara)

aa - amazing authorship (tmol-trademark of Lisa)

bj - brain jealousy (tmol)
mj - mind jealousy for the more cautious

iailwu - I am in love with you. (Only for Lisa.)

As the blog grows so shall the list, but this is a plea to those faithful readers. Now is the time to step forward into a role that gives back to the one who gives us so much.