Saturday, July 14, 2007

"I will never forget the tips you gave me today."

These were the words of Daksha, a technician in our lab, spoken with grave seriousness, thanking me for advising her to do the following when transferring proteins from a polyacrylamide gel to a nitrocellulose membrane:

1. Always cut the bottom right corner of the gel before removing it from its glass plate. Accordingly, cut the bottom right corner of the membrane to which you will be transferring the contents of the gel. In this way, you will be able to maintain the proper orientation of the membrane with respect to the gel and its contents.
2. Always place the gel onto the membrane in the same manner and orientation each time you transfer. In this way, you will always know which way is up and left on your membrane.

I told Daksha, "If you follow my ways, you will have much success in protein detection."

It seems that she has taken my words to heart.

If I can impact one person, just one, by sharing words of wisdom in biochemical technique, this whole science gig will have been worth it.

Originally Posted: Tuesday, May 17, 2007
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