Saturday, July 14, 2007

Will blog for food

It has been apocryphally fabled that my first words upon entering this world were: What's for dinner?

It has been non-apocryphally fabled that my first words upon entering the world of matrimony were: What's for dinner?

I have only missed dinner once. I was 5. Presumably, I became distracted by Hot Wheels and bathtime and had not noticed that supper had not been served. My mom put me to bed. I remember laying there, tossing and turning, with the strange, unsettling sensation that something was amiss. My stomach gurgled. Then I felt the pang. I bolted upright and yelled at the top of my lungs, announcing my mother's failure to provide for her child's nutritional needs to all the neighborhood: "MOM! YOU FORGOT TO FEED ME!"

Flash forward 22 years. My wife is in Connecticut where she is completing her pursuit of becoming a Master of Gifted Education. She left the dog and me to fend for ourselves at home.

Thus far, I've found subsistence in the form of Chinese leftovers and Hungry Man microwave tv dinners.

I've finished the Chinese food and have only 1 Hungry Man meal left and 10 days until Lisa comes home. I'm not sure what I'm going to do when the Hungry Men run out. I fear we'll be reduced to animals.

Scrounge for crumbs, I guess. Maybe share Watson's kibble. Pop over at the neighbors' at dinner time...

Perhaps the good Lord will send some (hungry) manna from heaven.

Lisa... come home soon... you forgot to feed me.

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